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Kröngården has a long tradition of arranging events and services. Many popular musicians have played here over the years. Sunday services are at 10 o'clock all summer June through August.

The church is ecumenical and attracts a variety of Christian denominations. Four churches form the Kröngården association that owns the place.

Gyllenelgs Kröngården

The restaurant and café at Kröngården is something extra. Here you can enjoy a beautiful sunset over lake Krön, as well as a nice meal. The restaurant is run by our tenant Conny Gyllenelg.


Have an evening bath just five kilometers from Astrid Lindgren's World, in the beautiful lake Krön with evening sun. Or spend a whole day on the nice sandy beach. The youngest will paddle in the shallow water, larger children may swim to the raft.

After your bath, have meal in the café. The perfect ending of a sweaty day in the footprints of Astrid Lindgren!

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