Café Kröngården är öppet:


1 maj – 31 maj, alla dagar

kl. 11.00 – 18.00


1 juni – 17 augusti, alla dagar

kl. 11.00 – 21.00.


18 augusti – 16 september,

alla dagar

kl. 11.00 – 18.00


Kröngården Café


The coffee house at Kröngården is something extra. Here you can enjoy a beautiful sunset over lake Krön, as well as our famous shrimp sandwich, cookies made at the spot, ice cream, sandwiches and waffles.


Many people love to spend a summer's evening on a concert at Kröngården, and then have a cup of tea and an evening meal in our summer café or on the terrace. The café is open till late, and when it's no longer warm enough to sit outside, people usually move inside, which is also very nice, with the large perspective windows overlooking lake Krön – a view that is as beautiful in sunshine as it is when the rain pours down.





Have an evening bath just five kilometers from Astrid Lindgren's World, in the beautiful lake Krön with evening sun. Or spend a whole day on the nice sandy beach. The youngest will paddle in the shallow water, larger children may swim to the raft.


After your bath, have a sandwich or an ice cream in the café. Some nights we serve waffles with jam and cream. The perfect ending of a sweaty day in the footprints of Astrid Lindgren!





Kröngården has a long tradition of arranging well attended events. Many popular musicians have played here over the years. Except for the concerts, that take place primarily on Saturday evenings, there are also services held here at ten every Sunday morning, May through September.


April 30, Midsummer's Eve and the first Sunday of Advent are other moments when many locals will attend Kröngården.

Fresh coffee in beautiful surroundings


Enjoy a cup of coffee and a shrimp sandwich, and the view over lake Krön – on the terrace or inide the coffee house.


The café opens June 14.

Canoeing, swimming, living an outdoor life


At Kröngården, there is always something to do. Canoeing, swimming or enjoying the view and sunset over the lake. Bathing raft, ice cream, candy shop, playground and lots of rocks and places to play, makes Kröngården a place also popular among the children.

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